Troy Ogletree Creates in Expected and Unexpected Ways

Troy OgletreeBy Jana Hunter

(Yes, the name rings a bell. Troy is the nephew of pforymWELL co-owner Melody Ogletree.)

Troy Ogletree needs thick skin. The junior radio-television-film major at the University of Texas pours his heart, soul, creativity, and talent into a transparent vessel of entertainment for all to see, knowing full well the audience may overflow with naysayers, critics, and consumers poking holes in that container.

Cheerful-faced, bright-smiled, dancing-eyed, and with short hair that swoops up to one side on top like he’s walking east with a north wind blowing, it’s easy to envision the 20-year-old performing in films or television shows. In fact, he already has. The San Antonio native played Romeo in Walking with the Dead (set to release in 2015), a spoof on the zombie craze written by his brother, Tim, and appeared in Supernatural Activity, a 2012 comedy of an adventurous paranormal investigation.

Less expected, Troy raps.

“Three or four years ago, rap started trending toward more intellectual lyrics, more wit and humor,” he explained. “I started writing a little bit but never really had the confidence to start rapping. It’s tough to do. About a year ago I put my first video on YouTube. Since then it’s kind of grown a lot, which has been really cool.”

By “kind of grown a lot,” the burgeoning rapper means his channel is up to almost 90,000 total views. Next on his list are live performances.

“I haven’t performed live in front of an audience yet,” Troy said. “I’m starting to try to do live rap shows and concerts, because we’re in the Live Music Capital of the World.”

But Troy also wants his thick skin to be clear, a goal he shares with every teen in America. So when what he was using wasn’t working, he turned to his wellness-care aunt.

“I was talking to Mel about my skin and trying to get it better,” he said. “She told me about SophytoPro and how it was almost entirely organic and how they don’t put all the chemicals that a lot of companies use. And it was cruelty-free, and that was cool. She sent me some, and it definitely improved my skin a lot. I’ve used it for four or five months now. When I ran out, I ordered more from her.”

With a bit of nudging, Troy rapped about SophytoPro.

“I took the product description to see what was in it, what their slogan or theme was, what they took pride in, what separated their product from others,” he said. “I tried to make it not cheesy—kind of witty and fun. I think writing is my strong suit, so I’m glad I got to write it and put my own spin on it.

“Hopefully I’m the first rapper to market this product—breaking down barriers!”

Rap Lyrics
SophytoPro, the best product that I know.
Matter of fact, it’s so good I wrote a flow.
Oh so unique ‘cause it’s cruelty-free.
How many steps? Only 1-2-3.
Wash your face, dry it, and then spot treat.
Don’t forget to moisturize, so fresh so clean.
Smooth like velvet, I just can’t help it.
Not only have I seen results but I’ve felt it.
Try it if you want skin soft like snow
Better than the rest: SophytoPro!

You can follow Troy on YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook.
Learn more about SophytoPro.


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