Sunny Side Up Is Good for You

fried eggWhat do 15 minutes of sun exposure, egg yolks, and salmon have in common?

They all provide the body an essential dose of Vitamin D, which has racked up a lot of publicity in the past few years.

Its benefits are as varied as its sources, which also include tuna, mackerel, cheese, and some mushrooms. (Many foods are fortified with Vitamin D, but because that means they’re highly processed and include lots of stuff that is NOT good for you, try sticking with the natural sources.)

OK, so why all the fuss? The Mighty D helps maintain a healthy body weight and healthy bones, decreases the risk of heart disease and cancer, and aids the immune system and cognitive brain function. Also, new studies indicate it reduces the risk of developing MS and the effects of rheumatoid arthritis.

But wait, doesn’t sun exposure cause cancer, and aren’t egg yolks fattening? In extremes, no question. Don’t go crazy on us—pforymWELL does NOT advocate sunbathing! Fair-skinned people need only about 15 minutes a couple of times a week. Those with darker skin need as much as 40 minutes twice a week.

As for the fat in egg yolks, fat is essential to the body’s function—but that is a blog for a different day!

By Missy Darden and Jana Hunter


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