Wake Up and Smell the…Water?

glass of waterIf you’re one of the 54% of American adults who start the day with coffee, let’s start with the good news: one to three cups a day of coffee is good for you! In addition to the energy boost, it does everything from make you smarter to protect your liver. In fact, unless you’re drinking more than that, there really is no bad news.

But there is other news.

Did you know that drinking coffee first thing in the morning is the equivalent of punching your digestive system in its figurative face every morning? OUCH!

After processing the previous day’s intake, your digestive system got some well-deserved sleep. Unless you’re a sleepwalking eater or drinker, you went six to 10 hours without food or drink. When you start your day with a jolt of coffee, you’re subjecting your digestive system to a rude awakening.

Why not let it wake up with a glass of water instead? It’s just one glass, and then you can move on to your coffee. You see, you’re going to be dehydrated when you wake up. Dehydration causes sluggishness in the short-term (and an unbelievable list of issues in the long-term). Coffee, a diuretic, causes dehydration, which just exacerbates the problem.

So give this experiment a try for week. Start the day off with a glass of water (squeeze in the juice of a lemon, which has its own benefits). Drink your one to three glasses of coffee. Then drink another glass or two of water. Let us know how you feel!

by Missy Darden and Jana Hunter


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